Course Description

The Skills 4 Daily Life course will equip you with essential coping tools and techniques.

Why would you need these tools? Well, perhaps you feel scattered. Tense. Overloaded. Overwhelmed. Anxious. Worried. In 'panic mode'. Or simply unable to think straight.

Maybe you experience these feelings all the time.

Once you choose Your Skills For Daily Life, you’ll have instant access to the course. You’ll start learning these skills and feeling less stressed, less overwhelmed and more balanced right away.

What’s included?

+ Seven modules, each teaching you a simple, powerful technique
+ Instant access to our private Facebook page
+ Beautifully designed printables to keep you on track and inspired
+ Lifetime access to course materials, so you can study it at your own pace

Why are these skills so powerful?

They can be applied in any situation and used by anyone, whether you’re a teenager dealing with challenging situations at school, a mum coping with kids at home or a corporate worker stretched to the absolute limit. These situations all serve up different challenges, but the results can be the same: chronic stress, anxiety, sadness, imbalances in the brain and energy centres – or just generally feeling out of sorts

You’ll complete the course with the tools to…

+ bring down your level of stress
+ increase your life energy
+ regain clarity / productivity
+ feel more balanced in stressful situations
+ be more connected with yourself
+ Feel integrated and grounded and able to respond not react to situations and thoughts

These skills are the best kind of self-help - no book or therapist required!

What do our happy customers say?

“We hired Amanda to run this course to arm staff with some skills to help them get through the demands of report-writing time. It’s been great to hear how the simple tools have helped and that they are using them with the students and their own children. What a wonderful thought – a class full of switched-on students!”
Diane, Geelong Grammar (course tailored to schools and teachers)

“Amanda was highly informative and provided valuable information and skills that I can use for everyday life and when coping with stress.”
Shannon (participant at our course, tailored for a Corporate Wellness Day)

“Extremely practical methods of connecting to yourself. Very inspiring and fun. I would recommend this to absolutely anyone and everyone. I went in, not expecting methods to be so accessible to the beginner, I was wrong.”
Steven (participant at our course, tailored for a Corporate Wellness Day)

“Wow, amazing techniques, still buzzing. Learnt a lot and look forward to applying my new techniques daily.”
Michelle (participant at our course, tailored for a Corporate Wellness Day)

Kinesiologist + teacher

Amanda Adey

Hi! I’m Amanda Adey. As a kinesiologist, I work with a range of clients dealing with stress, overwhelm, indecision, panic, or emotional upset they can't control. Like most of us, my clients crave simple, DIY strategies to help them move past these feelings. Tools they can put into place in a quiet corner in the office or at school, while sitting on a park bench - or even when they're sneaking a few minutes' peace in the pantry away from the kids!That's where I come in.I've taught hundreds of people the easy but powerful tools I use in my own daily life. These skills will become your go-to in times of stress or unease, and once you know how to put them into practice, I guarantee the results will be a happier, more balanced you.Find out more about me and what I do at my website:

Course curriculum

  • 1

    INTRODUCTION | Skills 4 Daily Life E-Course

    • VIDEO | Meet Amanda + Find Out All About The E-Course!

    • INFO SHEET | How these simple but powerful daily skills can help you

    • INFO SHEET | Let's talk about stress, baby!

    • INFO SHEET | What is energy and how does it affect us?

    • INFO SHEET | What's involved in each module?

  • 2

    MODULE 1| Switching On The Brain Technique

    • VIDEO | Switching On The Brain

    • INFO SHEET | Switching On The Brain

    • DOWNLOAD | Motivational Poster for Switching On The Brain

  • 3

    MODULE 2 | Stress Release Acupressure Points Technique

    • VIDEO | Stress Release Acupressure Points

    • INFO SHEET | Stress Release Acupressure Points

    • DOWNLOAD | Motivational Poster for Stress Release Acupressure Points

  • 4

    MODULE 3 | Hook-Ups Technique

    • VIDEO | Hook-Ups

    • INFO SHEET | Hook-Ups

    • DOWNLOAD | Motivational Poster for Hook-Ups

  • 5

    MODULE 4 | Cross Crawl Technique

    • VIDEO | Cross Crawl

    • INFO SHEET | Cross Crawl

    • DOWNLOAD | Motivational Poster Cross Crawl

  • 6

    MODULE 5 | Thinking Caps Technique

    • VIDEO | Thinking Caps

    • INFO SHEET | Thinking Caps

    • DOWNLOAD | Motivational Poster Thinking Caps

  • 7

    MODULE 6 | Whole Body Testing Technique

    • VIDEO | Whole Body Testing

    • INFO SHEET | Whole Body Testing

    • DOWNLOAD | Motivational Poster Whole Body Testing

  • 8

    BONUS MODULE | Finding emotional awareness though charts and cards

    • VIDEO | Finding your own emotional awareness

    • INFO SHEET | The importance of emotional awareness

    • INFO SHEET | Using whole body testing to find emotions using a chart

    • INFO SHEET | How to use E~motion card deck and felt sense

    • DOWNLOADS | Two emotion charts

  • 9

    Glossary of energetic terms

    • GLOSSARY | A list of energetic terms you may find helpful while completing this course


5 star rating

Amazing and simple techniques to recharge

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Amazing and simple techniques to recharge and relieve stress naturally. Plug yourself back into the universe, ‘YOU’ and recharge. SIMPLE. Frank La Macchia

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Are you ready to learn skills to feel balanced, centred, calm and grounded in your daily life?